Madelaine Chocolate Novelties - No Morals or Ethics

The Real Story:

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties HAS NO MORALS AND NO ETHICS

Ask the current owners, the descendants of the Jack Gold and Henry Kaye families how Madelaine Chocolate Novelties got started and they will tell you that it was founded by two holocaust survivors, Jack Gold and Henry Kaye. This is an outright lie that was fabricated by Gold and Kaye themselves and is now perpetuated by their descendants .  I am writing this story on behalf of my father, Jacob Pludwinski.  Jacob Pludwinski was also one of the founding owners of Madelaine Chocolate Novelties when the factory was first established in 1949.  He was also a holocaust survivor just like Gold and Kaye.

What Happened?

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties was becoming more and more successful as time went on. Greed overcame Jack Gold and Henry Kaye who happened to be married to twin sisters and wanted the factory for their families only.  They made life miserable for Jacob Pludwinski by slowly excluding him from the day to day operations of the company.  Their plan was to make him so miserable that he no longer wanted to be at the company where he spent over 40 years building up.  Their goal was to push him out and prevent his descendents from continuing on in the factory. Jacob Pludwinski passed away in 1992.

No Morals or Ethics but Strictly Kosher

Madelaine Chocolate Novelties has received certification that they are under the Orthodox Union supervision.  There was also a whole write-up of how the company got started which naturally excluded Jacob Pludwinski as being one of the founders. 

It is a disgrace that two holocaust survivors would turn on another holocaust survivor.  The Gold and Kaye families exemplify the stereotype of Jewish business ethics which is something that I would be ashamed of.

How Do You Know That This Story is True?

If what I'm saying is not true, I would be opening myself up for a lawsuit.  The Gold and Kaye families wouldn't have the nerve to contest this and bring this out in the open because they know it is true.

Is There Anything That Can be Done?

Yes, there are many other chocolate establishments that can be patronized.  Please make your purchases from other companies where the money is not going to the pockets of families who preach sweetness and practice deceit.