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Sequencing Apps - Toileting

Toileting is a very delicate and sensitive life skills task that challenges many individuals. The "Sequencing Tasks - Toileting" series of apps approaches the topic in a respectful and tasteful manner.

The app starts off by presenting a video model which breaks down the task of going to the bathroom into 10 individual steps. The video model is tastefully done using a lifelike animated individual viewed from the side so that no explicit part of the body is exposed.

The second part of the app is a review showing individual still pictures from the video outlining each step in chronological order.

The third part of the app is a sequencing activity where the student has a choice of 1,2, or 3 pictures presented at a time and is asked to determine which picture comes next in the sequence. The app gives you the option of setting the number of steps in the task for the sequencing activity ranging from 4 steps per activity to 10 steps. "Step Scanning" is also available as an option in the sequencing activity for students with limited motor skills who use switches.

A printable PDF of all of the still pictures is also provided to allow for additional activities such as printing a chart to put in the bathroom or creating a low-tech activity for sequencing.

The app was created under the guidance of Special Education Teachers and Occupational Therapists.

youTube about the Toileting Apps

Female Child

Sequencing Tasks: Toileting - Female Child - FREE iPad - App Store

Female Adult

Sequencing Tasks: Toileting - Female Adult - 99 Cents iPad - App Store


Sequencing Tasks: Toileting - Male - 99 Cents iPad - App Store