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Pick and Choose
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Note: The Pick and Choose software must be installed to use these activities.
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A free trial version can be downloaded from our Downloads Web Page

Download Instructions
1) Click on the desired activity. When the file download box appears, click on the "Run" button.
2) When you get a security warning, click on "Run" button again.
3) Choose the folder that Pick and Choose was installed in (default C:\Judy Lynn Software\pick_and_choose) and click on "Unzip".
4) Click on the "Close" button after the files are unzipped.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 to download more activities or close this "Download" page to return to Pick and Choose.

The activity will automatically appear in the activities list when you run the program.

Activity Title &
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Amusement Park Rides
(Not included on the installation CD)

Videos of various amusement park rides

The activity comes with 11 buttons
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