Switch Accessible

Sample activity for the clothing category

The “Full” version contains 298 objects
divided into the following 15 categories:
  1. Animals – 35 objects
  2. Clothing – 25 objects
  3. Food - 26 objects
  4. Furniture – 29 objects
  5. Money – 22 objects
  6. Musical Instruments – 18 objects
  7. Signs – 15 objects
  8. Sports Items – 14 objects
  9. Transportation – 14 objects
  10. Numbers – 20 objects
  11. Letters – 23 objects
  12. Body Parts – 16 objects
  13. Writing Instruments – 10 objects
  14. Tools – 15 objects
  15. Kitchen Items -16 objects
The Importance of Categorization in Language Delelopment

The ability to categorize objects with similar characteristics is an essential building block for language development. Without the use of categorization, you may hear a sentence like “I’m going to the supermarket to buy milk, eggs, orange juice, cheese, butter, cereal, bread….” Instead of “I’m going to the supermarket to buy food”. Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cognitively process information differently and find it more difficult to categorize objects.

This app breaks down categorization into its simplest form. Many other apps present the student with 2 or 3 categories and the student has to choose which category the object belongs to. We feel that presenting more than one category at a time can be overwhelming. Our approach is to concentrate on only one category at a time. It first explains what the category is, and then asks the student if the object belongs to that category.

The app contains vibrant pictures, music, and motivating rewards. The app is also switch accessible and supports both step scanning and auto-scanning. Student data is recorded for each session to monitor progress. Settings are saved individually for each student.
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